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"Live Bold... Or Die Inside"

I am a writer and teacher.  I explore what it means to choose life boldly  through creating films and television, travel coaching-adventure groups, our global "Bold Life Tribe" Action Mentorship Circles, by training Dating and Relationship Coaches through TIDRI.org and through
 my private programs...

Adam can be contacted directly at IamAdamGilad@gmail.com


Our Weekly Action Circles Support You In Taking Bold, Consistent Action Into Your Highest Life Vision

Most people drift through life, more or less..

I have found that this leads to neurosis, regret, blahhhhh, depression, boredom, zombiosity and watching from the sideslines as other people life bold, decisive lives!

So with my extraordinary partner and team, we have created a year-long cycle of HEROIC LIVING -- a fun and profound way to meet weekly and raise your game.

If you want to experience breakthroughs in your social and financial success, intimacy and relationships, joy, passion, connection and leadership, then I invite you to check out one of our Bold Life Tribe Action Circles.

Every week we gather and explore one specific area of our lives -- then craft a BOLD ACTION for the week so that we move consistently toward our highest visions of our desired lives. 

We are practical, non-dogmatic, rigorous, fun and up for the adventure of life in the arena, not on the sidelines.


  •  Skill stacking in the social, emotional and entrepreneurial arenas
  • ​Redefining and updating positive masculinity cfor a new world 
  • ​Co-navigating healing hand-inhand with the rise of powerful and empowered women 
  • ​Counteracting the dangers of isolation and siloing for men in a tech-centric world  
  • ​Navigating the shifts in dating and mating today with transparency, presence, directness and care
  • ​​Engaging #MeToo with both empathy and discernment
  • ​Building bridges rather than walls between all beings


  • A new ACTION-BASED men's movement based on bold and consistent moves into each man's highest  individual life vision 
  • ​Cultivating "Brass Balls/Tender Heart 
  • ​Prioritizing "Humble Spirit/Bold Action" rather than collapse or bravado 
  • ​Empowering and training men to lead other men into their dormant greatness
  • ​Connecting men with their inner lives, with each other, with their partners, families and communities inspired by their highest vision of who they are and who they are committed to become.
  • ​Creating a tight "I've got your back" culture of brotherhood, support, mentorship and adventure


  • We engage relationships not as work - but as "skilled play,"  Gotta hone the skills.  Gotta bring the creativity of play. 
  •  We challenge all ideas of "normal" and "normative" knowing that they were never created to serve you.
  •  We know that we are verbs, not nouns, and are free to make choices moment-by-moment to shape our destinies.
  • ​We hold that you either live bold in both your internal and external choices - or you die inside.
  • ​Recovering pleasure as a crucial lighthouse calling us toward a well-lived lfe 
  • ​We know that a life of half-efforts leads to despondency and drift


I created TIDRI with Adam Lyons, CEO of Psychology Hacker - and we birthed it to fill an importnat need: the creation of a new kind of Dating Coach - rigorously trained, highly and broadly educated, stepped in human care and profoundly EFFECTIVE - and supported with the most advanced cutting-edge business building practices to guarantee financial success for our graduates.

Listen to the Podcast...

The Bold Life GiladCast

Every Week I Dive In Deep With Men and Women Who Have Something Important To Say About What it Means to Live a Bold, Daring, Courageous Life "

Our Goal:  to inspire and inform and to encourage you to get your ass in gear living the life you really, REALLY want to live

Some of our recent guests include...


Legendary author of Get Off Your But speaker, wit and sharer of stages with the Dalai Lama and Tony Robbins, Sean is known as "The 3 Foot Giant." In one of the last interviews he did before his tragic death, Sean brings his insights and wisdom to living a life of boldness.


Brilliant psychologist and author of Getting Real and other books, Susan and I dig into the difference between controlling others- and actually relating to them without agenda. It's a rare feat!


Author of Evolved Enterprise and the founder of Maverick1000, a global network of top entrepreneurs & visionary entrepreneurs making a serious difference in the world, without taking themselves too seriously. In fact, it’s not unusual to find him dressed as a lemur, a showgirl or even in matching mermaid tails with Sir Richard Branson.


Ex Fashion Model, Entrepreneur Whirlwind, author of the provocative book I Get To: How Using the Right Words Can Radically Transform Your Life, Relationships & Business and hilarious longtime friend.


If you want to move faster into the life you most deeply are committed to leading - especially in the relationship realm - I work with a few select coachees every quarter.  

If you are seriously committed to take action...

If you are 100% prepared to recieve and execute private concierged guidance from me, then let's have a conversation.  

My coaching is not coddling.  

It gets you where you most deeply with to go.

If this sounds like you, please schedule a free exploratory call with me...


Products Soon to be Made Available on This Page...

The Bold Man Advantage

Courage, boldness, directness, authenticity - these are the most attractive qualities that magnetize women.  This program is a boot-camp on how to be rigorously courageous in your self-development as well as your communication.  This is the most effective and ennobling dating system I've ever seen or offered.

The Camelot Code

If you are a woman who is seeking to magnetize a high-value man, then you must filter for HIGH CHARACTER first.  This step-by-step program shows you how to language yourself online and IRL in order to attract the kind of "Camelot Man" - he who finds his fulfillment in devotion - that you have been searching for.

The Right Man Online

How to Inspire Love

The Secret World of Millionaires


This is getting fun...

Adam has written and produced television shows for TNT, Disney, Lifetime, CBS, USA Networks, Fox, MGM and others.  
Boldness is Courage in Action
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