Lets forge YOUR creative vision

into form...

You are brilliant at what you do...

... but you have an unexpressed voice you are burning to bring to the world.

You are successful, verstaile, expert and passionate.

At your best, you are incredibly productive and focused.

But your very gifts can get in your way.

For example, chances are...

  • you are profoundly talented at drawing out other people's best - but not your own.

  • you are struggling to create that game-changing creative project of your own

  • when you turn your spotlight onto your own creative project, you feel anxious, overextended, undisciplined or exhausted

  • your creativity gets tangled up by your perfectionism or self-criticism

If you are nodding right now, then you know how excruciating it is to feel STUCK.

Getting stuck is far more common with extraordinary leaders than you may think.

I unstick stuck genius.

My name is Adam Gilad and I've been bringing creative visions to life for over three decades...

If you have a vision...

* If you have an ENTERPRISE that is craving exquisite and powerful expression...

* If you have a BOOK that you feel with define you and your brand to the world...

  • * If you have a SCRIPT - television or film...

  • * If you have an PROGRAM or PRODUCT...

... then our creative mentorship/ partnership may be exactly what you need…

I work with some of the most talented and creative people and companies on the planet.

My clients include BMW Design; a leading British hotelier and Weider Publishing -the premier body-building publishing company in the world. Another runs several 7 figure companies and mentors leading CEOs worldwide. One owns banks and film studios throughout Europe. Others are accomplished writers, coaches, leaders, musicians and business owners.

All of them bubble with almost-finished ideas and as-yet unspoken voices and...

When they need creative help, I am the one they call…


"I hired Adam to edit my book "The Transcendent CEO" not only for the precision and verve he brings to language, but also because of his intellectual and 'vocal' range.  This book was written for high-level C Suite readers involving spiritual and emotional depth - and very few people can think, write and edit in the languages of both business savvy and perennial wisdom. Adam brought order and life to my words, as well as tightening up the diction so that the read of the book is now easy, flowing, impactful and enjoyable.  There are few creative mentors when it comes to writing with clarity and intelligence on Adam's level." 

-- Satyen Raja, CEO, WarriorSage, author, The Transcendent CEO


“Adam is hands down the most creative, funniest, broadly-learned and connected person I know. He is the spark to your creative flame. Adam will breath energy, fire, fun and a sense of adventure into your mission, your movie, your book or your business.”

-- Rich Litvin, author, The Prosperous Coach



"You are just pulled upward by his positive energy, insightful curiosity and courageous love for all that is possible in our lives. He draws on so much wisdom it’s mind-boggling, but I believe that it is Adam’s presence of being that is the most powerful ingredient of his ...mentoring work..."

-- Bianca D'errica, Executive Coach, Vancouver




You are brilliant. But you are not communicating yourself to the world with all your power or all your heart. You may be hiding. You may just not have the words to capture your uniqueness and the value that you TRULY offer to others. You are not being seen. And so you are not reaching your ideal clients. We will dig in deep and turn that around.


Six hours of concentrated time with me, exploring, exploding, testing, prodding, expanding and discovering the husked over "gem" at the core of your creative idea and vision... then refining it into a tangible form that shines a clear light on your next steps.


Join my quarterly multiday retreats at exotic, international, provocative locations where a select few creators gather to imagine, improvise, develop and hone - in an utterly judgment-free environment - the creative projects and directions that will define their next phase or even their legacy


If you have a creative project and can taking guidance well, this 1-on-1 laser-focused collaboration will bring your project into a startling level of completion and actionable form.


If you seek to reshape and redefine your life's direction -- and create a body of work that vaults you successfully into your next level of evolution, I will take you there, side by side. I only accept one person per year for this. The depth and expansion we will move through is like nothing offered anywhere in the world and you will emerge with a new sense of wonder, grounded, practiced, wisdom and massively upgraded impact. You will emerge operating at a far higher bar in every area of your life. You will be - and be felt by others - as powerfully expressed. Original and authentic. Uniquely you. Unmistakably you. And unforgettable.

DoN't Die With Your DEEPEST Gifts Ungiven


I have written and produced over 20 television shows and films for TNT, Disney, Lifetime, CBS, USA Networks, Fox, MGM, etc. Here are a few...

The Ron Clark Story

I was nominated for an Emmy for this story of a small-town teacher who relocates to one of the toughest classrooms in the country and turns the whole school around


Maybe my most fun assignments, writing episodes about a clan of heroic night creatures pledged to protect modern New York City as they did in the Old Country a thousand years earlier.

Take My Advice

The amazing story of identical twin sisters, Eppie and PoPo, who found fame as fiercely competitive dueling advice columnists "Ann Landers" and "Dear Abby" breaking taboos all along the way!

Not in This Town

Our award winning "Erase the Hate" movie about an incredibly brave woman who galvanized a sleepy town against Neo-Nazi thugs. Has been shown to many anti-hate groups as a primer on action!

X-Men: Animated

Your favorite mutants and mine. Part of my early work writing animated shows from the Marvel Universe, the Disney and Hanna Barbera classic stable of characters and living out my early childhood Saturday Morning TV dreams.


I have co-written, edited, consulted upon and developed multiple books, online and training programs across industries. Clients include...


BMW is known for it's engineering prowess - and its design innovation and artistry is often overlooked. BMW Designworks hired me to create and write a full-length documentary movie tracing the history and evolution of it's design studios and philosophy. I was specifically hired, in the words of legendary Head of BMW Design Chris Bangle, becasue "I need someone who can write about truth, love and beauty."

The Fearless Artist

The Fearless Artist is a community for skill-building, making connections, and professional opportunities for diverse, mission-driven artists, especially from underserved communities.

I helped create, shape, edit and deliver TFA's online training program - a complete funnel - on how to monetize, thrive and professionalize as a working fine artist.

How to Grow Viral and Reach Millions

Jospeh Romm has been named to Rolling Stone's Top "100 People Who Are Changing America",[4]
and Time Magazine named him one of its "Heroes of the Environment (2009)," calling him "The Web's most influential climate-change blogger". When Joseph needed help shaping, editing and marketing his landmark book, I was honored to work side by side with him to bring it to final fruition. And I hope we are indeed reaching millions!

Freddie Ravel, Life in Tune

Freddie Ravel is a legend! As the only "white guy" to ever play with Earth Wind and Fire, Freddie served as keyboardist & also as Muscial Director. He has played with Madonna, Santana and many others globally and has a POWERFUL message to deliver to the world about how to live into your true joy by being "in tune" with the music of being. I am currently helping Freddie think out, structure and write that book! And a few surprise ancilliary products and events. What an honor!

David Deida

I partnered with world-renowled author and teacher David Deida to produce 6 live events serving over 1000 people, 2 complete CD sets edited down from hundreds of hours of live teaching and to create a global learning community of over 1000 people.


I have an uncanny and unique ability to pierce through the veil...

then nourish, electrify, catalyze and structure the glowing gem of

your creative vision -- and help you bring it into sizzling life.


Bring Your Project Alive!

I Create. Boldly. And Constantly.


I help awaken & organize & creative flow.

I turn complex ideas into verbal music.

I turn ideas into gripping and flowing story and messaging.


Let's have a conversation about your vision and your goals.











What makes Adam Gilad and his work absolutely unique is not only has had a profound background in mentorship, he has lived through many professional and personal experiences on an international scale. He is this wild walking library of information! And it’s all at his disposal at the blink of a moment – and he releases that wisdom whenever needed. Best of all, Adam's compassion and kind heart allows personal growth in an open environment without judgment of mistakes. Just pure love, passion and a driving force to help others create the life we have dreamed.

Eduardo H

CEO, The Hernando Group

Miami, FL

Adam holds a very strong vision for everyone he works with - you can’t help but feel it in every corner of your being. You are just pulled upward by his positive energy, insightful curiosity and courageous love for all that is possible in our lives. He draws on so much wisdom it’s mind-boggling, but I believe that it is Adam’s presence of being that is the most powerful ingredient of his coaching and mentoring work - laying a strong foundation for all the change I came to him to create.

Claire Patterson

Los Angeles, CA

“What I love best about working with Adam is that he has so much energy and support, but also compassion and care that he truly is the coach's coach - able to see your bull@&!$, call you out on it, and help you grow, but also give you the resources and tools you need and the support necessary when the business and going gets tough.”

Shane Z,

Brisbane, AU

Let's Create something amazing!

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